If you have been invited to the FTAPI data rooms by a customer, colleague or partner, or have received a very large delivery with security level 3 or 4, you will be automatically redirected to this page:

FTAPI Desktop App is already installed:

If you have already installed the FTAPI Desktop App locally (at least version 4.5.0), you only have to click on "Start FTAPI".

FTAPI Desktop App is not installed:

  • If you have not installed the FTAPI Desktop App locally or you are using an older version, please click on the button "Install FTAPI" to download the latest installation file.
  • Afterwards please return to the website and click on "Start FTAPI". After about 5 seconds the FTAPI Desktop App will open automatically.

Possible error causes and solutions:

If you are not an administrator on your system, please pass on this information to your internal IT contact.

  • After clicking on "Start FTAPI" nothing happens.
    • Please check if you have at least FTAPI Desktop App version 4.5.0 installed. If you have not installed FTAPI yet, please use the FTAPI Install button first to download and run the installation file.

  • After clicking on "Install FTAPI" nothing happens.
    • Please check if your browser allows HTTPS downloads.
    • Please check if your antivirus scanner allows the download of .EXE files.
    • Please check if your administrator allows the execution of .EXE files through a proxy or firewall.

  • I get an error message when running the installation file.
    • Please check if you need administrative rights. If necessary, your administrator can install the application for you.

  • When I click "Start FTAPI" or "Login" I get an error message that the username / password is not correct.
    • Please check if your entered data is correct.
    • Please check if a firewall or proxy is blocking the data stream or trying to break the SSL certificate. If this is the case, please set up a corresponding release on port 443 and the FTAPI server used (URL or static IP).

If you need further assistance, please send an e-mail to support@ftapi.com - or submit your request using this form: https://ftapi.zendesk.com/hc/de/requests/new

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